Friday, January 6, 2012

Rewind-The Holidays Are Over, Let's Do Some Damage Control

This is what I ate every hour on the hour!

Well, I gained at least 10 lbs (3-4 of which are muscle) over the Thanksgiving to New Years binge eating holiday festival.
I think we as humans need to splurge and enjoy ourselves from time to time but this gluttony comes with a price. You can just buy bigger pants or put in some work, I'm going with the latter.

Lets set simple goals and not some GIANT New Years resolution to run 6 marathons a month!
I'm going to add:
3 days a week and at least 4 hours apart from any other workout of said day.
100 push ups- 33-33-33 for me

3x1 minute planks

45 slow air squats - 15-15-15

This will be on top of my normal 4-5 day a week workout regimen.

It seems too easy to really make a dent in the bulge but I bet you'll notice a receding belt line in no time "flat". (pun)
Enjoy- Genius