Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pre and Post Feast Workout, Thanksgiving Edition.

Dare you to try and cook him!!!

I'll keep this short and sweet.
Any time you know you're going to eat a large or unhealthy meal you should do the following 3 things:

1. Drink plenty of water all day.
2. Get fiber in your system (powder or husk fiber is best).
3. Do a few minutes of body weight exercises before and after meals(push ups, sit ups, squats).

The water will help make you feel full faster and mixed with the fiber will aid in proper digestion. By doing just 5 minutes of exercise before eating and 5 minutes within an hour after eating your body will use the energy and not try to store it as fat.
See, simple.

I'd like to finish with things I'm thankful for.
All the athletes that put their trust in me to get them in the best shape possible while not killing them.
All the people in my life that show me love and support even though I'm a grump most days.
Being in a country where I have more than I need and can be more than I am.
I'm thankful for all my readers who put up with my sub par writing.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where is

"Hey, This is just some dude's blog?!?!"
Not Really.

Last month I started using visual marketing to see how effective it would be and where my best audience would come from. Basically, any of you that came to the site because you saw one of our sponsored athletes or a shirt or towel with the logo on it, were involved in a marketing experiment. Yeah!

I now have a soft launch date for the real December 1-15th we will be live testing so feel free to check it out. I promise you won't have to endure my horrible writing anymore, unless you want to. The site will give you the option of picking your workout based on what you want goal and muscle group wise and/or just randomly assign a plan for you. I'll have plenty of goodies for my loyal members so make sure you email me when you sign up and I'll send you your schwag. ( Stickers and T-shirts )

More on Cyborg this Tuesday. I'm going to try and get an interview too if she has time.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cris Cyborg Santos

Cris Cyborg Santos, Women's  Strikeforce 145lb champ.

I am very excited to welcome Cris Cyborg Santos to the family!!!

About 3 weeks ago Cris asked me to help out with her training camp and of course I jumped at this great honor and opportunity. Cris already has a great strength and conditioning coach in Gustavo Pimenta and I'm very excited to work with and learn from him as well.
In preparation for her fight on December 17th to defend her Strikeforce featherweight world title Cris has been training her butt off. I can only say the level of athleticism she displays is super human.

I will show a few small clips of her workouts with both me and Gustavo but as always, I don't want to show too much (trade secrets). I'll try and show Cris and I working next week.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to Congratulate my good friend Josh from DirtyWrestler for making it on the Punishment team. Josh is not only an up and comer in the fight world but one of the best coaches I've ever met.
Great Job buddy!