Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cyborg - Hanging Rope Row.

Cyborg Fight Camp: 3 weeks out

I don't really like showing what we are doing before a fight but ... I will say there are no sledge hammers, jump ropes or tugboat ropes to whip. We do flip a 300+lb tire once in a while but no cliche "fight camp" here. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that.  I just try to keep workouts not only athlete specific but also high intensity and yet still entertaining. The hanging row is already a pretty big movement.  Add in an explosion, a 5 second hold at the top and as if it wasn't hard enough use a rope grip....ouch.

Hanging rope row

Let's break this down. You will need a smith machine or power rack with a bar set at rib height and something to put your feet on a foot or so off the floor. Wrap a rope grip around the bar.

     1. Grab the ropes and engage your entire body in plank. Put your feet up on a bench or stool, the higher your feet are above your body the harder the row.                                                                                                   

2. Using a small hip kip, explode up towards the bar using your biceps, scaps(shoulder blades) and lats to get you there.

 3. Hold a plank at the top for 3-5 secs. Be sure to engage your core -  flex every muscle in your body.                                

Lower yourself back to start position 1 and repeat for as long as you can maintain form (typically 3-5 reps 5-6 sets).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Show Of Skill, Heart and WORK!!!

Vince and Joe putting in work!

Big Congratulations to Joe Duarte!

Last Friday at Strikeforce Challengers series Joe fought a man he considered an idol in Jorge Gurgel. In that fight Joe showed he is a man who put his time in the gym and beat a seasoned vet decisively.
I've had the privilege on a few occasions to watch Joe work with his trainer, Vince Salvador and let me tell you, they work damn hard. Vince has a great workout plan balancing coordination, movement, power and form (not to reveal the man's secret training) and Joe has the work ethic to make it through.  It was little surprise that the fight was fast paced and exciting. Good job guys and keep working hard on that road to the belt.

Yet another two Congrats to my jiu jitsu coach, Jake Mapes and My boxing coach Rich Power !

Rich lived up to his name and ko'd his opponent in just 2 rounds. Rich has taught me alot and I was happy to work sprint drills to help him get ready for this fight and every fight in the future.

Jake fought a very crafty and experienced fighter and showed he has the heart of a champion pulling a dominant unanimous decision win.  I know that Jake worked through multiple injuries to get ready for this fight never once complaining or making excuses.
I have worked with Jake only one time before this fight, and am hoping to work with him alot more for his next one.

I know I will have two more congrats to write in September for Cosmoe Cala and Evangelista Cyborg Santos. Cosmoe has had a string of fighters pull out of MMA fights and is going to take a boxing match to stay busy. I feel sorry for the poor guy that's going to take a beating six guys avoided.
Cyborg has a fresh face to beat in one, Jordan Mein. We've been working very hard and as Cyborg says he treats all his fights like it's for the belt. On Sept 10th I think we will see a very hungry Cyborg ready to get yet another "W". Video and pics of Cyborg working hard tomorrow, I promise.