Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Classes and Seminars

Intro to Kettlebell

Starting April 12th, 2015

Want to learn what those crazy people tossing around cannonballs with handles are doing? We are offering a beginners kettlebell class to learn proper form and function of one of the oldest and best pieces of fitness equipment in the history of working out.
Sunday @ Noon 
"Unlimited" Members: Free,   $10 for drop-ins. Simply contact us to confirm.

Mobility and Pain Management

Starting April 11th 

Nagging inflammation, minor injuries, muscle tightness, and just plain old lingering soreness. Any of these making your workouts just miserable or just plain undoable? Cold static stretching is not the way to a healthy, strong, flexible and most importantly, pain free body. Using modern techniques and equipment e.g. form correction/corrective lifting techniques, foam rollers, hard and soft balls, compression bands and some proper warm stretches we aim to correct some of those aches and pains that slow you down during lifting, running , biking or whatever you like to do.

     10am Upper Body & 10:30am Lower Body
"Unlimited" Members Free,  $5 drop-ins


Taking sign-ups for the last Sunday of April (26th) 

Self Defense and Empowerment Seminar.
No one should fear being in a place they don't know, a nice neighborhood walk at night or even being in a traditionally safe place like school or work. Knowing how to physically defend yourself is only a small part of dealing with threats like robbers, bullies and any type of predatory criminal. Fearless is designed to teach you situational awareness, confidence and the most effective striking self defense systems. As the smartest thing to do when confronted with danger is to run or disable your attacker and then run, we also teach the importance of being healthy, strong, fast and fit. Contact for individual and group pricing.


Cross Training for Runners, Triathletes & Endurance Athletes

Starting Again In June 2015 

Though running is one of the best free exercises anyone can do, it is not enough of a full body workout. We are offering free seminars on how to balance your body to be the best over-all endurance athlete you can be, gym or no gym.

Sundays @ 9:30am
     Free of charge just stop on in the gym
Or meet at The B st. Beast Hill, Thursdays @ 5pm (19th and B st) 

Open Gym

Any questions- Email -
Call/Text 619-800-FIT1(3481)
2323 Broadway STE#107 (Golden Hill on 23rd st)
San Diego, CA 92102