Tuesday, January 6, 2015

FAQ's and Pricing

Pricing and Promos -2015

Promo- 4 private training sessions and 1 month of unlimited classes $150

We don't do crazy, impossible to get out of contracts, never hidden fees or rate hikes. 
The price you join at is the price you'll pay for as long as you stay a member.

Unlimited Membership Deal -- Unlimited classes- $100 per mo. (Reg $150, Save 33%)
This includes all new mobility, ZapGym and functional training classes (Blend,Puree,Liquify).

2 Classes a week - $69 per mo. (31% off, Reg $100) 

Perfect for runners, triathletes or anyone who just wants to cross train a few times a week.

Drop in class fee- $10 for San Diego Locals or Advance Notice, (you save $5)

1 hour personal training - per session - $60 per hour

10 private training sessions + unlimited classes - $300 per month ($30 per session)

Group Private Training-(3 or more people in one session) $10 per person for advance scheduling - $30 per person for single time use.

Q: What is FitBlender.com Training Center? Is it like CrossFit (xfit)?
A: FitBlender.com Training Center primarily serves as a private training facility while also offering classes for those who want to work on full body fitness in a group environment.
Nope, not a Crossfit gym. We like a few things Crossfit does but for the most part they have their thing and we have ours. Crossfit does high risk for high reward quite well while we focus more on sports specific training, injury prevention and all around fitness.

Q: How do your classes differ from boot camps or other group classes?
A: Our classes are designed for people who have made working out hard and going to the gym their sport of choice. We encourage competing with your classmates (all in good fun of course) and working harder than you think you can! Unlike most boot camps and group classes we use a multitude of fitness equipment and exercises to get you to a whole new fitness level. Our workouts are on a cycle that changes daily but will repeat on the same day of every following week for 8 weeks. This system insures growth through adaptation while preventing injury and boredom caused by traditional redundant workouts. All of our classes workout cycles are built using the FitBlender.com database for visual aid and a scientific template.

Q: When do I show up to class? What's the jump in thing?
A: We are trying something different here. If you are ready to go to a class at 6:14pm, you don't need to wait until 7pm to go to the next class, just come on in. I set the classes up in 12 stations with 4 overload stations so we can handle 30 people per hour. I also won't tell you how long to stay other than the 30 minute minimum workout time. If you're a member and worried about a class being full simply text "spot?" and the time you want in i.e. "715pm" to 619-800-FIT1(3481) and I'll text you right back and hold a spot for you. Members can hold a spot for up to a 24 hours in advance. You do not need to check in to come to class but run the risk of having to wait for someone to jump out if the class is full.

Q: Can you make me look like a fitness model?
A: No, but you can.... Look good, feel good is true but I personally don't believe in setting goals based on aesthetics. You are 10x more likely to give up and go back to your old ways if you don't get the results you want quickly when setting a "looks" goal over an athletic goal. The reality is nothing worth having comes easy. You should set small measurable goals and track everything attached to reaching those goals. If you want to look healthy then be healthy, if you want to look athletic, be an athlete.

Q: Can you recommend a diet plan?
A: Absolutely! What most trainers won't tell you is diet is the biggest part of any fitness goal.
Like my views on exercise, I don't subscribe to any specific dietary lifestyle. I sit down with you and offer easy to follow dietary changes based on your needs and teach you how to track your nutrition. If that isn't enough I have a few reputable dietitians I can set you up with.

Q:I don't see any treadmills, elliptical or machines in your gym, why is that?
A:Because those types of equipment have little or nothing to do with fitness. We have the best non-treadmill (the giant hill known as B st) for sprint drills, airdynes and spin bikes but we will never have isolation machines or so called "cardio" equipment. Feel free to ask me to further elaborate in person about this subject as I could write a novel on all the useless equipment in the average gym. Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettle bells, Med Balls, a safety rack with pull up bars, Bands of all types and sizes and an adjustable cable machine are the stars of the show at FitBlender TC.

About the owner/strength and conditioning coach, Bryan Saunders:
My love of fitness started more than 15 years ago. Like most, I started out a gym rat lifting weights to look all buff, arm days 3 days a week and all that. My horrible form and technique left me looking imbalanced and I was truly weak outside of the gym. Lucky for me some of the best and brightest trainers took an interest in me long before I became full on GTL. It took a few injuries and noticeable functional weakness for me to really start to listen and learn from these geniuses of the fitness world. After many years of tutelage under the best in the business and studying anything reputable I could find, I started to take a self experimental approach mixed with good old fashion book knowledge and some common sense to put together a system that would work for any body and any ones fitness needs.
During this time, about 7 years ago, I had an idea to develop a web based workout generator for overall health and fitness. Due to many evolutions on the web, the fitness world and the site idea itself coupled with my complete lack of programming knowledge, we are still in the process of building the largest fitness resource on the world wide web.
While building said database and website, I almost exclusively worked with pro/semi pro athletes.  In that time I have mostly worked with Combat athletes. I have also had the privilege of working with athletes from the NFL, MLS and College Soccer, College Wrestling, Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Swimming, Strongman, Triathlon, and most recently, all types of Runners.
If you wish to do private training with me you must have a measurable goal, sport or competition you train for. If you don't currently have one of these, I will help you find something to compete in. Even if it's a fun run or 5k mud run, we can find something for you to have fun competing in and will in turn keep you on track with your over all fitness goals.

Feel free to shoot me any questions via Email @ Fitblender@gmail.com , shoot a text to 619-800-FIT1  or just come on in 2323 Broadway ste107,  San Diego, CA 92102 and find out what we are all about.