Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where is

"Hey, This is just some dude's blog?!?!"
Not Really.

Last month I started using visual marketing to see how effective it would be and where my best audience would come from. Basically, any of you that came to the site because you saw one of our sponsored athletes or a shirt or towel with the logo on it, were involved in a marketing experiment. Yeah!

I now have a soft launch date for the real December 1-15th we will be live testing so feel free to check it out. I promise you won't have to endure my horrible writing anymore, unless you want to. The site will give you the option of picking your workout based on what you want goal and muscle group wise and/or just randomly assign a plan for you. I'll have plenty of goodies for my loyal members so make sure you email me when you sign up and I'll send you your schwag. ( Stickers and T-shirts )

More on Cyborg this Tuesday. I'm going to try and get an interview too if she has time.


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