Monday, October 17, 2011

Power + High Heart Rate Circuit

Circuits are fun and fun'ction'al.
I very rarely have my guys do the same exercises as each other on the same day let alone the same circuit. Last Friday that all changed. I started the morning with Cosmoe (7am) then Cyborg (9am) and Jake (10am). I wanted to get Cosmoe's heart rate up without doing boring cardio. My plan was to do complex power movements with speed and lower than usual weight with high repetition in a circuit. I made said circuit and Cosmoe made it look easy, like he does, but was sweating his ass off so I knew I had to keep it. None of these guys complained but I saw the look of "f-u you coach" in their eye's. It was so nice, I had to see it thrice! We will be doing these every Friday for the next 8 weeks.

Lateral step up and over. Do this w/o the smile and fast!

Warm up circuit:
3 rounds.
Lateral speed step up and over x 25
Bosu air squats slow and controlled x 8
Swiss ball push ups 3secs down and up x 8
1 min break-

Swing a dumbbell if no kettlebell is available.

Circuit of doom:
5 rounds.
Cable high low hop sweeps x 12 each side
Burpee with jump to pull up x 5-8 (jump high so you have a shorter pull up)
Dumbbell/kettlebell swing x 8-10
Barbell stop and go flat bench press

Give it a go , if you have any idea what any of these exercises are....Those who don't shouldn't do them without supervision anyway.


  1. What is the weight on the KB swing. I may give it a go. What was the best time (give me a target) It will be my last cardio before the tryouts.

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