Monday, October 31, 2011

Sprint Triathlon Update

I think you can see me shivering.

Well folks, I didn't drown!!!!

It was super cold and foggy race morning. Me, Rich and Kate arrived just in time to set our bikes in the transition area and prepare as best we could.  Kate made the very smart move in wearing a full wetsuit, Rich wore a tri suit and he lent me his light wetsuit top. I may have frozen to death had I only wore my skin and tight trunks as the water temp was 60 or so degrees and the air was slightly colder.
Last in the water but not last out, good enough for me.
                                                                           Rich and I did quite well coming in Fourth place in the male teams category and 14th overall, unfortunately that was out of 4 male teams. Our times per event were much better than our total time showed due to us not rushing during transitions. Rookie mistake.
Here's the breakdown.

My swim came in at 11+ minutes, Rich a low 8 and Kate right behind him by a few seconds.
Rich and Kate are both great swimmers and I am not so good. I actually swam out of the area and added a good 100 extra meters to my swim, woops.
My lovely wife Kate aka Killa Kate.

Biking was the event I knew I could make up some time. I pride myself in the fact that I could keep up with the guys riding $5,000+ bikes. My bobo $200 bike and I held our own and only 2 of those high end guys got past me. I came in at 22m, Rich also 22m and Kate 26m.
I caught and passed Kate by this point and waited for her so we could run together. Kate's partner Marrisa got called in to work and couldn't make it to the race so Kate was a little bummed (Marissa was too) and I wanted to run with her and just have fun.
Running together actually motivated both of us to run faster due to our competitive nature around each other. I came in at 12m, Kate 12+m and Rich 11+m.

That's not much sweat for me
Update- 11-1-11
I've been asked the distances by a few people and here they are. 375 meter swim, 6.25mile bike, 2.5k run.

Overall I couldn't be happier with the race results. I'll train harder next year and take gold or at least improve upon my current times by 10% in each, yes that's a lofty goal but I'll do it.
Thanks to my partner Rich Power for filling in for my original partner. He has a fight in a few weeks, check your local provider.

Side note, I caught a bad stomach bug and was in severe pain for the last 24h after the race. Keep your mouth shut when swimming in the bay here in San Diego I guess.

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