Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Oh, the dreaded gym injury.
If you haven't had a sports or training related injury, good job, but it may just be a matter of time. There are many different causes of sports and training injuries that I would like to cover. Here are just a few to start. 

1.  Bad Form    More then 85% of injuries in the gym are caused by bad form! Having good posture and proper form is almost always a key to injury prevention.

Notice in the picture below: Head looking straight forward with no chin tuck, chest out, scaps/shoulder blades pushed together, slight curve inward at the low back, butt out, legs slightly bent with the core of your weight over your heels.

This atheletic pose is aplicable in almost all lifts.  If you're doing a squat lean back a little more.  If it's dumbbell press on an incline bench drape your legs off the end, keeping everything else the same.

2.  Muscle Fatigue   Doesn't really take a genius to tell you the fix for this one.  It could be as simple as rest or eating the right food to fuel your workout.  But more often than not it's simply do less work. Pay close attention to your body and note things like: Headaches, constant cramping, small nagging pains and of course low energy levels.  For some reason the symptoms for muscle fatigue are similar to those of dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water. Which you should be doing anyway!  If you are experiencing some or all of these slow down your workout for a little while, get good quality sleep and make sure you are eating nutritious foods.

Time for my nightly injury prevention routine.  A gallon bag of ice and the Simpsons.

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