Sunday, June 5, 2011

Congrats Team FitBlender 100% DIRTY!

OH, The sweet taste of victory....and mud!
At the Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run quite a few teams stood out, none more so than Team FitBlender's 6 foot 6 inch 240lb behemoth "The Genius" and his 5 foot 7 125lb partner "KS". There was little dazzle to our outfits and we definitely weren't going to win our respected classes but this being the first 10k (6.25 miles) we had ever run, (not mention more then half uphill or in mud and water),  we stood out by pushing past seasoned vets, a few Marines and even people that passed us early on.  Our training was little more than 6 weeks long and consisted of very little actual distance running (posted below). We not only finished but, finished better than the middle of the pack. Fighting through the pain of bad joints knowing the only worse pain would be stopping short of our personal best. Out of 6000 participants, The Genius placed 119th in male 30-35 age group and 961 over all, KS placed 32nd in fm 25-29 age group and 962 over all. A Big Congratulations to ME and KS           (TeaM 100% DIrTY)!!!

The Regiment-
Running 2 times a week 2-4 miles
Start the first few weeks with 2-3 miles and mix between slow paced running and interval sprints
Walk 2-3 times a week 2-4 miles
If you are a gym goer like BS+KS- cycle between- with no breaks- twice a week before walks-
3 rounds of Upper Body Ergometer (hand bike) training 90rpm for 3 minutes
3 rounds of Row Machine or Stationary cycle 3 minutes full sprint
2 rounds of Planks (1 min elbows and toes 30sec each side 1 min back plank/ elbows and heels
Add in push ups, sit ups, air squats and pull ups at your leisure.

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