Monday, September 26, 2011

Winning Weekend For Arena Team!

Rich Power, Jake Mapes, and the man they call Krutch(far right) all won via first round stoppage. Arena Fight Team.

The Arena pro/am team swept all their fights in California last weekend. Though some didn't get truly tested, a fight IS a fight. Good job guys!
These shorts will get work soon.

On another note, Cosmoe Cala, one of the sponsored fighters was scheduled to fight as well. After both he and his opponent weighing in at 205 lbs, for some unknown reason his opponent pulled out of the fight. Cosmoe was mad to say the least, this being the ninth time this has happened and all. Lets just hope he doesn't make it an even 10 by scaring yet one more fighter out of the ring.

And a final update. Though they fought their asses off, Cyborg Santos and Felipe Portela didn't bring home the "W". My man Cyborg was back in the gym with me the next week. I know they both will work hard and learn more to come back better then ever. You both gave your fans a great show and we thank you.

                                                                 The Genius-

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