Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beach Sprints

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate running!
However, I Love a damned running drill. In my personal and professional opinion, this may be the best kept secret for overall speed, power and cardio gains that can be completed in under 15 minutes.

My boxing coach and friend Rich Power is getting ready for his up coming MMA pro debut (9-23) and shortly after (10-06) his 16th Pro boxing fight. We have run these sprint drills and other variations for his past two camps with great result and, I guess we can share.

Resistance catch and release sprints:
You can buy a harness or rig a few resistance bands together and run them through the runners belt. We usually use a Stroop brand harness but had to improvise this week.

What you need and how to properly perform the drill:
Warm up first as always!
1. Need: a Resistance source(bands or straps).
2. Need: a Human to resist while running behind you.
3. Need: a Surface to run on (beach is optional) 40-100 yards is best.
4. Need: a Stop watch. Try and match or beat your times every run.
5. Rich Power wore: 20 lb weight vest and matching 20 lb weighted shorts and also had a breathing trainer (o2) in his mouth.(extra credit)

The Drill: Grab the resistance apparatus and have the runner start a full sprint with you resisting but keeping pace. At the half way point either let go of the harness, without snapping the runner in the back or, simply catch up/pass the runner letting them run the second half with no resistance.
Give the runner just enough time to catch their breath, no more than 1 minute. Repeat 10 total sprints.

It should be noted that Rich and I are much faster than appear on film.

Oh and Cosmoe and Rich informed me that my shorts are tooooo short.
The Genius-


  1. I'm the first to post a comment on your blog?! C'mon people they don't refer to this as SOCIAL media for nothing.... Good post, best one yet. Sounds much more natural. And there's no such thing as shorts being too short on a man with huge quads.

  2. Gotta disagree about the shorts... Ive used the bands on sprints and weight vest. Never combined the two, You're a sadist!!!

  3. We only combined the weight suit and bands because Rich is cutting from 245lb to 205lb and I want him to feel light as a feather on fight day.