Thursday, September 1, 2011

Machines = Garbage!!!

I guess the only real danger is the danger of wasted time.

OK, So I hate machines.
Not the ones we use to make our coffee or drive us to work every day. Just the ones that every gym on the planet has way too many of.
There are few exceptions:
1. You're injured
2. You're elderly
3. It's an adjustable cable machine
4. You don't care about wasted time

Sitting in a machine will almost always use less balance and muscle control. They won't even work the desired muscles as well as doing the same exercise using free weights with less weight and proper form. Try and use the adjustable cable machine if you're intimidated by free weights and body weight exercises.
In the future do your best to avoid the metal monster that will eat your time and effort and give you very little gain for your pain. (rhyme intended)

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